Chernobyl (HBO Mini series) where to watch fast

Wow, that first episode was killer (and genuinely horrifying).

The fact that people spoke english felt a little weird at first, but i actually don’t mind at all. It’s not like it’s dubbed, the actors are mostly native english speakers as far as i can tell. I don’t think it spoils anything besides authenticity.

But yeah, the way the accident was initially handled by the government, the effect of extreme radiation on the human body on people who had very little idea what was going on … It’s one thing knowing a little about the accident but watching it like that, jeez, not a nice way to die. Pretty much the worst actually.

And the fact that it almost feels real time adds a lot imo. Didn’t care much for the show beforehand, but i can’t wait for ep2 now.

I also saw a lot of 123movies about the incident. The first episode however seems to try to show some pretty immediate effects (burns, death) of which I think might be pretty over-exaggerated.

There was a TED talk of a anti-nuclear energy activist which was converted after he did a lot of research himself and he found that by far not that many people died following the incident and the ones that got cancer had a form that was very treatable.

I found the link:

So, I guess the show tries to make a point against nuclear energy, which I think still is one of the best forms of producing energy en masse we have today. And also one of the cleanest (the wast is very small compared to the produced energy, compared to other forms – even solar power has a lot of wast at the end of life of the cells).

The related podcast does go into where they wanted to make a drama instead of an actual documentary.
So they took creative license where they could.

They still did convey the overall point someone mentioned here:
Russia = Ignorance.
The podcast goes into remnants of ancient Communism which was seen throughout the episode.

Every time someone in charge spoke, I kept thinking back to “Enemy At The Gates” where they enforced anyone against their ideals was a traitor and shot.
Everything about the episode struck me as anyone in charge had sold their soul to work for the KGB in secret and did their best to cover up the story.

The podcast goes nicely into this.
Everyone knows why the Titanic sank: an iceberg, and they ignorant of an icebergs construction.
But, Chernobyl? Ignorance but sign of an iceberg.

!!! As of episode 1, no iceberg moment to show where the fault started and how things turned out. !!!

We got 4 more episodes to discover that.

Maybe I should have added spoilers over everything, but, c’mon. the pilot is out now.
C’mon! I don’t really know what to spoiler at this point.

Any thing can be a spoiler of an event MILLIONS OF YEARS AFTER IT HAPPENED.

My disclaimer. Period. Willy Wonka: “you lose!”

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